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Free Virtual Puppet Shows at the Orange County Library thanks to a Grassroots Grant funded by the OC Arts Commission and the NC Arts Council ( a Division of the Dept. of Natural & Cultural Resources). Registration required through the Orange County Library Virtual Branch 919-245 2525

Nov. 24, Tuesday 10:00 

Ananasi and the Moss Covered Rock.

A Folk Tale from Africa

Dec. 2, Sunday 2:00

One Grain of Rice.

A Folk Tale from India

TBA The Greatest Treasure.

A Folk Tale from China

TBA Borreguita and the Coyote.

A Folk Tale from Mexico.

New! Online Puppetry Programs for Organizations! 

Fun with Benefits! Aligned with N.C. Education Standards

Puppet Show Inc. offers a wide variety of puppetry performances geared towards educating as well as entertaining audiences of all ages. The puppetry programs are aligned with the North Carolina K-5 Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, Essential Standards in Theatre Arts, Healthful Living and Guidance. All the puppetry productions foster Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) so important to success in school and in life as well as teach the NCDPI Character Education traits. 

Puppetry in Education is Research Based
Research supports puppetry as a powerful teaching tool.

Puppets are an aspect of our history and everyday lives. From the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to the Muppets we see puppets on television, on videos or in live performances. In their different forms they appeal to both old and young alike, represent different customs and traditions and are valuable educational tools. Puppets are both entertaining and captivating. Children can believe and relate to them; they can enter and explore the fascinating inventive world that puppets create.

Learning through play is fundamental to our children's education, helping them to develop the necessary skills in life. Puppets can stimulate children’s imagination, encourage creative play and discovery and are a wonderful interactive way to introduce narrative to even the most reluctant reader. They can be a powerful way of bringing story time to life; puppets can provide a focus for role play, encouraging the child’s imagination and involvement in activities and can play a fundamental part in the recitation of stories and verse. In addition, hand puppets with workable mouths and tongues are an excellent motivational resource to inspire the teaching of phonics within literacy.


Puppets can assist children with special educational needs. They can motivate and support children with difficulties in communication and interaction. They can help to develop their social and motor skills, and can meet the visual, tactile and emotional needs of the individual child. Large human puppets with glove hands and fingers can be used in conjunction with the different varieties of signing, adding a further dimension in helping children with both hearing difficulties and learning disabilities.


Puppets can share joy or sadness; they can be naughty or good, cheeky or shy; and when a child is engaged by a puppet they can learn lessons and absorb messages without even realizing they are.


How to Help

Puppet Show Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to educating, entertaining and enthralling diverse populations in the magical world of puppetry arts. Your donations help to provide puppet shows at little, or in some cases, no costs to organizations whose community members may not have the opportunity to experience a live theatrical performance. Donations are tax deductible. To Donate, please click on the Donate Tab at the top of the page. Please consider designated Puppet Show as your charity through Amazon Smile. We participate in Employer Matching Gift Programs

as well. 

          Additional Upcoming Virtual Puppetry Programs:

Nov. 14, Sat. 10-11 a.m. 

Zoom Workshop for Kids! Create Your Own Stone Soup Paper Bag  Puppet Show. Click Online Workshop tab above to register by Nov. 9

Dec. 2, Wed. 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Double Holiday Hitter: The Shoemaker & the Elf and The Wish Tree.  Registration required through the Carrboro Parks and Recreation Dept. Lollipop Series Special Events.  919-918-7364  Link to register at Carrboro Parks and Rec.

We are pleased to be part of the Durham Arts Council CAPPS Program for 2019-2021! Creative Artists in Public & Private Schools. 

 We offer Teacher Workshops!

We offer workshops for education majors!

           UNC Puppet Workshop

Check out the Scarf Marionette Puppets

made during the World Puppetry Day Celebration!

Are you a high school student looking to earn Service Learning hours? We are approved through LetServe. Just sign up through the LetServe website or email us at

A partial  list of  some of the places we have performed:

* Carrboro Elem After School

* Scroggs Elem. After School

* Nothside Elem. After School

* Morris Grove Elem. After School

* McDougle Elem. After School

* Seawell Elem. After School

* Primrose Day School

* Triad School of Math and Science

* Triangle Math & Science Academy

* McDougle Elem PTA Book Fair

* Barnes & Nobles Cary

* Chatham Co. Partnership for Young

   Children ( Teacher Workshop)

* UNC School of Education Teacher     

   Workshop on ELA Standards & Puppets

* Carrboro Century Center 

* Kidzu Children's Museum

* Carrboro Branch Library

* Hillsborough Main Library

* Gigi's Playhouse Raleigh Down's

   Syndrome Achievement Center

* Daisy/Brownie/Girl Scout Troop Raleigh

* Spanish for Fun Cary

* Spanish for Fun Wake Forest

* Sterling Montessori Academy

* Kiddie Academy

* W.G. Pearson Elem.

* E.K. Powe Elem.

*Creekside Elem.

​ Thanks to our previous wonderful Grant Makers that have been invaluable in providing free community puppetry programs!  

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Strowd Roses Foundation

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Chapel Hill, N.C. 

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