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PRICES: The suggested donation for Puppet Shows for non-profit agencies, libraries, schools, pre-schools, after-schools, civic and community organizations is $125.00 for up to 100 participants. For 100-200 participants the suggested donation is $225.00 For larger audiences over 200 (assemblies & festivals) the cost is $325.00. Puppetry programs are at cost and are affordable as our goal is for everyone to be able to experience puppetry arts regardless of their circumstances. We will travel up to 60 miles from Chapel Hill to bring our programs to you! ( Note: We do not perform for children's birthday parties, but Tanglewood Puppets and Music Explorium does ). Interested in our ONLINE programs? Visit the ONLINE Programs Tab above!

Puppet Shows Family Series

Puppet Shows that Teach Skills

Puppet Workshops and Puppet Residencies 

Puppet Show Inc. currently offers six puppet shows in their Family Series. These entertaining and educational performances are good for all ages. The Family Series shows last approximately 45 minutes and are best suited for assemblies with over 125 students. The Family Series programs foster Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL),  Character Education traits and are aligned with the NC Essential Standards while captivating children. These programs come with an optional Teaching Guide for follow up and expansion activities.


Current Family Series Shows are: 

* The Big Bad Wolf and the Three

   Pound Pig

* Gingy: The True Story of the

   Gingerbread Boy


* The Paper Bag Princess


* Sylvester and the Magic Pebble


* The Amazing Bone


* Brave Irene

* African Folk Tale The Chief with Five


Puppet Show Inc. has 41 puppet shows that teach life lessons, foster Character Education traits, promote Social Emotional Learning

(SEL),align with the NC Essential Standards and  provide follow up activities that continue to reinforce core concepts. These puppet shows include literature, discussion, puppet show and a make and take art project. Puppet Shows and activities last approximately one hour. We have puppet shows that address a variety of topics.


We offer two different types of puppet shows. One show is for single classroom settings (under 30 students). The second type of show is intended for grade levels or small assemblies (between 30-125 students)

The puppet performances listed below are for group sizes between 30 - 125 and require a space 6 foot x 6 foot with room for a screen and projector on a rolling cart. These puppet show teach a life lesson, include a story time and art activity (paper puppets) . They are performed using a table top and require the use of a projector and screen (we provide) or use of an on site interactive white board).

* Interrupting Chicken

* The Kissing Hand

* The Grouchy Ladybug

* Mind Your Manners BB Wolf

* Fractured Fairy Tale Goldi and #3 Bear


* Fractured Fairy Tale The Three Billy Goats

   at Troll Bluff

* Fractured Fairy Tale Little Red Hood and

   Plaid Wolf

* The Kissing Hand

* Little Red Hen

* The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of


* Turkey Trouble

* Bear Says Thanks

* The Wish Tree

* Froggy Does a Puppet Show

*  Puppet Show for Book Fairs

* Aesop Fable Ant & Grasshopper

* Portuguese Folktale Stone Soup

* The Shoemaker & the Elf

* Aesop Fable Lion & the Mouse

* African Folktale Mufaro's Beautiful


* Chinese Folktale The Empty Pot

* Indian Folktale One Grain of Rice

*Aesop Fable The Tortoise & Hare

The Puppet Shows below are best suited for a single classroom ( 30 students) or academic setting that teach specific social skills. They are performed using a small mobile puppet theater that can move easily from classroom to classroom. These include a story time, puppet show and follow up activities through classroom packets with worksheets and art projects.

* Rainbow Fish Sharing  

* One ( Bullying)           

* Franklin is Bossy         

* Franklin Fibs (Brag/Boast)       

* Responsible Rascal (Considerate)

* Tattle Tale Tongue

* Finders Keepers for Franklin (Honesty)

* Feelings

* Sportsmanship

* Teasing

* Playing Too Rough

* Manners

* Bee Safe

* Doing Your Best Work

* Friendship Triangles

* Include Everyone


*Peer Pressure

Puppet Workshops and Puppet Residencies are available for anyone interested in learning more about the wonderful world of puppetry arts. Workshops and Residencies are a hands on experience. Learn the basics of working with puppets. Puppets boost oral language acquisition correlated with reading skills. Puppets are also a powerful tool in stimulating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills  in children. We offer 2 hour Teacher Workshops for teaching with puppets , 2 hour student workshops where students create their own puppet(s) and two different 5 Day

(5 hours)  Puppet Residencies: Social Emotional Learning Through Puppetry Arts (K-2) and Fairy Tales and Fables Using Puppets (grades 3-5) . The cost of the Teacher and Student Workshops is between $125-$325.00 depending on the number of participants and type of puppet being created. The two Puppet Residencies are arts integrated curricula teaching the NC Standards in English Language Arts, Healthful Living, Theatre Arts, and Guidance. Cost for Residencies are the same price as the NC Teaching Artists in the Schools Residency Programs of $100. per 1 hour class. We would be happy to form partnerships with schools and co-write grants for the Residencies Programs and/or Workshops! Want to learn the basics of puppetry one on one or for a small group? Contact us for more info. on our Zoom workshops. 

Story Boards & Craft Stick Puppets used in Student Residency Programs

Mouse Playing the Piano

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