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Puppet Show Inc.’s mission is to preserve and promote puppetry arts as an expressive art form. The chief aim is  on inspiring imagination, education and community through the global art of puppetry.

puppet theater

Puppet Show 's objective is to reach out to diverse audiences to bring educational puppet programs to them at low, and in some cases, no cost. Puppet Show brings the magic of puppetry to groups that might not otherwise have the opportunities to experience live theatrical entertainment. 

Puppet Show’s purpose is dedicated to promoting and advancing the performing, visual and creative art of puppetry through an ongoing series of educational puppet shows, workshops and outreach programs in the community. Puppet performances are based on works of literature and help bring the story to life in innovative and imaginative ways. Puppets bolster oral language development while promoting Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills important to academic success in children.

Puppet Show is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes Your donations are tax deductible.

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