New! Online Puppetry Programs

We  offer  puppetry programs  online for schools and organizations. The puppet shows are pre-recorded. The video taped puppet performances are combined with an interactive Zoom meeting.  Zoom meetings may include story time, movement breaks, chants, questions and answers through the chat board and learning how to talk like a puppet. Templates to create simple puppets will be emailed. Total time is approximately 45 minutes-1 hour. Cost is $125. for up to 100 participants. Please contact us for more details at  

Aesop Fable The Ant & The Grasshopper

Aesop Fable The Lion & The Mouse

Aesop Fable The Tortoise & The Hare

Fractured Fairy Tale: The Three Billy Goats at Troll Bluff

Chinese Folktale: The Empty Pot

African Folktale :

Anansi & the Moss Covered Rock

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Chapel Hill, N.C. 

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